Montefusco Sailmaker


The cruising series is developed for owners who want sails for amateur purposes only. The Cruising Line sails are heavier and offering less performance than the Performance Crusing, especially regarding the materials used which guarantee long lasting and an all-round usage.

These sails are suitable for less modern boats and cruising purposes.


Dacron has two important characteristics: it is the most economical solution and is long lasting.
The disadvantages of a Dacron sail are definitely weight and less performance due to minor stability of Dacron compared to laminates. We recommend this kind of sail solution when the idea is to use your boat mainly in cruising circumstances, maintaining a look compatible with classic boats.
If you make your option for the furling system, we will provide sails with UV-protection.
Dacron Cross Cut sails will have a simple and classic shape due to the horizontal disposition of the yarns.
Dacron Triradial sails will have a better shape hold ability due to its fibres orientated according to loading points on the sail.


The reinforced fabric with spectra fibres offers a long lasting cruising sail, which you will be able to use also in difficult conditions. The spectra fabric guarantees durability and is more resistant than Dacron maintaining though the same classic shape.


If you are looking for a cruising sail, which would offer your more performance and less weight, we recommend you cruising laminates.
This kind of laminate is made out of similar laminate structure as the racing ones, but with a double external taffeta which protects fabric’s film and structure.

These materials are usually warp oriented i.e. suitable for a triradial construction. Nevertheless, for those of you who want to maintain the classic sail shape there are laminates suitable for a cross cut construction, too.
You can choose laminates reinforced with different fibres as for the racing sails: