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Performance cruising

The Montefusco sails cruising series are characterised for its high-performance shape and are long lasting. They are developed to satisfy owners seeking for practicality and assistance, without missing a sail which has been studied and developed to reach the maximum performance in any conditions.

The Performance Cruising series offers a broad choice in materials and products according to the owner’s needs. After a first contact with the Veleria Montefusco we will offer direct consulting in order to help you make the right choice.


The technology of orientated yarns allows a perfect match between the project and the final result. Fibres are orientated to absorb load and maintain the best shape in order to achieve maximum performance. If even when cruising you are seeking for better performance, matched with less heavier sails, then the Box with double taffeta is the best solution for you.
The box sails are the most common used within sailboats competing in either inshore or offshore regattas.
Combing to this kind of construction a double taffeta that protects the sails from abrasion we achieve a sail with a racing performance, which can even be used while cruising.
Comparing those sails with the racing ones, we will discover the same structure with a slight increase in weight due to use of external double taffeta. According to your needs the structure can be realised with many different fibres, as for example:
- Carbon
- Kevlar
- Technora
- Polyester
- Spectra
The above mentioned fibres can be combined in desired proportions according to the usage of the sail. This kind of construction makes every sail a tailor-made unique piece.


With the similar type of construction we can produce sails with multi axial technology.
This particular type of construction is realised with a structure of straight and orientated yarns in different axis in order to better absorb the load of the sail. In the reinforcing areas we laminate paths with radial disposition of yarns.
We will obtain like this a structure with a similar rigidity of orientated yarns disposition, but with a slight increase in weight due to the fact that with this kind of construction we can less emphasize the structure quality in different parts of the sail.
Nevertheless, the result is a sail with the same shape as the one with orientated yarns, but with a clear difference in price.