Montefusco Sailmaker

Veleria Montefusco’s business decision was not to produce their own fabrics and laminates, but to relay on the best produces in the world, which will guarantee the best fabrics and laminates in the world. H-BITE and CONTENDER are the two main suppliers.

Continuous monitoring of our sails through specific software sail shapes allows us to affirm that our sails, thanks to excellent projects of our Design Team and high standard fabric and membranes supplier, show very small deformation with the time which are almost equal to zero. Our sails are long-lasting, high-performance and at the same time light. That is why in 2010 our sails became World, European and Italian Champions in different classes and every day more and more owners decided to sail with our sails and trust in the all around assistance of Veleria Montefusco.

h-bite tecnology

H-BITE produces laminates for all kind of sails for over eight years, using a method of lamination based on a perfect combination of glue, high pressure and warming up. Such technology gives H-BITE the possibility to offer a lighter, long-lasting, soft and compact product, but at the same time guarantee the shape and performance of our sails even after long periods of use. H-BITE technology allows you a perfect match of 100% of the project developed by the Design Team of Veleria Montefusco.

The technological evolution of H-BITE and Veleria Montefusco has gave birth in 2010 to a new product called UNIQUE: sails made out of one piece with continuous threads.


Contender Sailcloth, founded in the Netherlands in 1986 by Guus Bierman, is a worldwide company devoted to supplying sailmakers with the very best fabrics for all requirements. Our offices are run by experienced sailors who actively participate in the sport at all levels, from One-Design to Grand Prix and Cruising. They understand the needs of sailmakers and work with them to provide the best materials to maximise quality and performance. With their unique understanding of the sailcloth market, they combine resources to produce innovative fabrics using the latest fibre, weaving and finishing technology. The result is a range of fabrics trusted by everyone, from leisure sailors to Olympic gold medallists and winners of the Americas Cup and Volvo Ocean Race.


The Spidertech sailcloth, geometric and efficient, has inspired the FMG researchers to develop a structure, which can mainly absorb loads of pressure on the sail. The result is Spidertech membranes, a completely Italian product to which Veleria Montefusco has brought experience as sailor-sailmaker.
The new laminate is made of film-on-film fibres or taffeta, while the construction is planned by assembling sail parts with Q-BOND gluing technique, a gluing system with glue stripes activated with ultrasound already tested in assembly of laminate panelled sails.

Special software allows a sailmaker according to his own experience to orientate and position the thread giving to the sail stitch by stitch the right texture according to the pressure it will have to stand. Here is where the skills of our designers are brought out while developing those advanced aerodynamic wing profiles with usual resistance quality and lightness, a characteristic of Montefusco sails.


Since 1917, inspired thinking and good commercial ideas have always been the driving force behind Brainbridge International success. Its continuous look to the future for new innovations and solutions suitable for every client has developed it to the leader company in this sector. Through its international offices in Europe, the USA and Australia, and its network of long-established distributors, they serve customers in over 75 countries around the world. With over 80 years' experience in producing textiles and allied accessories, they have all material needs covered. Thanks to the close feedback partnership with their clients they are able to identify their precise requirements and direct the evolution towards the best product.

Dimension Polyant

Dimension-Polyant Technology now available from the aerospace and auto- motive industries is being used by yachts competing in the Worlds most prestigious regattas including Americas Cup, Vendee Globe, Sydney-Hobart and the Olympic Games.