Montefusco Sailmaker

Silver for Montefusco sails at the Melges20 European championship with Mezzaluna

For the fifth and final event of the 2013 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series, a dramatic last day awarded Kiss and his crew of tactician Chris Rast and Willie McBride as Event No. 5 — Porto Rotondo Champions! A total of eight races were completed over the four-day racing event with Kiss edging the fleet by seven points to win. In second overall, overnight leader Capolino slipped to finish second and claim the European Championship.

The runner up of the Europeans was Marco Franchini, sailing on his Mezzaluna with Sandro Montefusco and Michele Valenti, and showing that Montefusco Sails were fast in all the conditions of he 8 races.

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