Montefusco Sailmaker

Platu 25 World Championship

EUZ 2 of Francesco Lanera won his third world title.

After suffering in second place in the championship last year in Portosin, EUZ 2 thanks to its great regularity was able to win the title one day before the end of this championship.

Second place for Five x Fighting of Tommaso Debellis at the helm Giulio Desiderato, complete the podium "Superbusi" helmed by Mathias Bermejo.

Podium complete for our sails, with nine boats in the top 15 our sail confirms the leadership in this class.

Barcolana 2014

It ended with a reduction to the first mark the exhausting year's sailing festival in Trieste.
Accompanied by a summer weather, but unfortuna[...]

Pizzomunno Cup

X-Blue, won the XXII Pizzomunno Cup.
Due to its regularity in the two races (6-5)the X362 of Giuseppe Ciaravolo wins the 2014 edition of this [...]

Team Sonnenkoenig won the Centomiglia

The Farr 11 owned by Armin Shmid, powered by a set of sails made ​​of full carbon membranes hbite, won in the classic class ORC1 Garda.